Outreach & Assistance

Many programs exist to help individuals find access to health care services, whether they be free health clinics, greatly discounted care, or discounted pharmaceuticals.

  • Access Health
    A community-based non-profit organization developed to provide affordable, basic health care coverage. It is an employer-sponsored program for monderate-income, working uninsured employees in Muskegon and Northern Ottawa Counties, Michigan.
  • Co-Pay Relief
    Operating under the Patient Advocate Foundation umbrella, Co-Pay Relief assists insured Americans who qualify financially and medically with their prescription co-payments. The program covers co-payments for medications in certain disease categories.
  • CovertheUninsured.org
    A project of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, provides information on the uninsured and many resources to assist individuals to plan events in their communities to help cover the uninsured.
  • Health Finder
    Search the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to find community health centers and other health care providers near you.
  • Resources for the uninsured
    On Cover the Uninsured, a project of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, includes state-by-state information on mostly local and state programs that the uninsured may be eligible for.
  • National Healthy Access Database
    An online tool to help make American healthcare consumers aware of all the coverage options available to them.
  • The Children's Health Fund

    Committed to providing health care to the nation's most medically underserved children through the development and support of innovative primary care medical programs; response to public health crises; and the promotion of guaranteed access to appropriate health care for all children. The Fund works specifically to: (1) support a national network of pediatric programs in some of the nation's most disadvantaged rural and urban communities; (2) ensure support of its flagship pediatric programs for homeless and other medically underserved children in New York City; (3) advocate for policies and programs which will ensure access to medical homes that provide comprehensive and continuous health care for all children; and (4) educate the general public about the needs and barriers to health care experienced by disadvantaged children.


  • Together Rx Access
State and Local Programs

While health care reform is a hot ticket item on the national level, many states have sought to improve access to health care coverage and services from a state level as well. The most widely known, of course, is Massachusetts, whose 2006 health reform bill has led to near-universal coverage (97.4%) for its residents. While this program has had much success, Massachusetts' access to care problems have not been solved.

State by State
  • California
    • Timely Access to Non-Emergency Health Care Services
      California enacts a new regulation to become the first state to set time limits for doctors to see HMO-enrolled patients.
    • Help for Uninsured Californians
      A list of resources for uninsured Californians.
    • CaliforniaKids
      An independent, non-profit organization that provides premium-subsidized, comprehensive preventive and primary health services to children ages 2 – 18. They also recently started a program for adults. A monthly shared-premium payment is required of participating families, with co-payments due at the time of service rendered.
    • The California Health IOU Project
      A collaborative effort, based at Health Access, to protect consumers from underinsurance and medical debt by: (1) monitoring and working with hospitals and regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with California's Hospital Fair Pricing Act of 2006, which created first-in-the-nation consumer pricing protections; (2) advocating for additional consumer protections, such as minimum standards for health insurance and an end to price gouging by emergency room doctors; and (3) education and training of public and private agencies, advocacy groups and the public to ensure that Californians know they have a legal right to fair hospital prices.
  • Colorado
    • Resources for uninsured Coloradans
    • Colorado Indigent Care Program
      Distributes federal and State funds to partially compensate qualified health care providers for uncompensated costs associated with services rendered to the indigent population. Qualified health care providers who receive this funding deliver discounted health care services to Colorado residents, migrant workers, and legal immigrants with limited financial resources who are uninsured or underinsured and not eligible for benefits under the Medicaid Program or the Children's Basic Health Plan.
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
    • Access to Care
      A model primary health care program serving low-income individuals in suburban Cook County, Illinois and in northwest Chicago.
    • Illinois Covering Kids and Families
      With All Kids, Illinois became the first State in the nation to provide affordable, comprehensive health insurance for all children through the age of 18, regardless of family income, immigration status, or pre-existing medical condition.
    • Illinois Health Connect
      A new health care program of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services that helps people find primary care providers/medical homes.
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
    • Louisiana Health Plan
      A non-profit entity authorized to provide insurance coverage to Louisiana citizens who cannot obtain coverage due to pre-existing medical conditions or who are HIPAA eligible.
  • Maryland
    • Healthy Howard Plan
      A program in Howard County, Maryland, that gives uninsured residents that are not eligible for other health care programs such as Medicare, Maryland Medicaid, or the Primary Adult Care Program, the chance to get medical care at a greatly reduced cost.
    • University of Maryland School of Nursing Wellmobile
      Four mobile health clinics staffed with family nurse practitioner faculty members, registered nurses, bilingual outreach workers, and professional drivers that travel across the state providing services to populations with little to no access to ambulatory care.
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
    • Access Health
      A community-based non-profit organization developed to provide affordable, basic health care coverage. It is an employer-sponsored program for monderate-income, working uninsured employees in Muskegon and Northern Ottawa Counties, Michigan.
    • Medical Care Access Coalition
      An access coalition that links eligible individuals in Iron and Dickinson Counties with no access to medical care to donated volunteer services.
    • Z.I.A.D. Health Care for the Underserved
      Primarily works with private doctors to find a primary care home for the uninsured on a sliding scale program where they receive reduced office costs based on federal poverty guidelines.
  • Missouri
    • Northland Health Care Access
      A volunteer network of private physicians who provide both primary care and specialty care services for uninsured residents within physicians own offices. Northland Care's referral system ensures that providers are asked to accept only the number of patients they have agreed to see. Referrals rotate among the providers to maintain a balanced distribution of patients.
    • Wy/Jo Care Program
      A community partnership to improve access to specialty health care for low-income, uninsured residents of Wyandotte and Johnson Counties. It combines care provided in primary care safety net clinics with donated specialty care in a coordinated referral program led by the Medical Society of Johnson and Wyandotte Counties. It is designed to enhance the work of existing safety net clinics and other community agencies.
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • South Carolina
    • Cover the Uninsured South Carolina Community Resource Data Bank
      A comprehensive database (searchable by zip code) of resources for health care coverage in South Carolina. Resources include: healthcare access programs, community wellness programs, insurance opportunities for employers, healthcare prevention and screening programs, faith-based health initiatives, and non-profit agencies that provide health access services for free or at reduced rates.
    • Welvista
      A unique private-public partnership of non-governmental health care intervention that provides a single source through which health care providers, health care facilities, and pharmaceutical companies can donate their resources. Welvista has established unparalleled partnerships with medical providers, free clinics, hospital-affiliated clinics, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies to create a network that makes healthcare accessible and affordable.
  • Virginia
    • Virginia Cares Uninsured Program
      In partnership with the Patient Advocate Foundation. Assists uninsured Virginians with chronic, debilitating, or life-threatening diseases who are experience access to health care issues.

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