About the Initiative

The Health Care Industry Access Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting collaborative action across the health care industry to improve access to health care coverage and services in the United States.

The Initiative is based on the premise that much can be done by the health care industry to ensure that all Americans have access to both health care coverage and health care services. Many Americans don't realize that they qualify for already-existing government programs or can afford health care coverage on their own. Many Americans who have health care coverage do not know how to access the health care services available to them.

Existing public and private funding for health care access is "siloed" within specific disease states or industry segments and remains fragmented and uncoordinated. The Initiative links access projects focused on particular health care industry segments. The Initiative also promotes local access projects, develops and distributes best practices, creates and implements innovative, collaborative models and sponsors networking events focused on collaborative action across all segments of the health care industry.

Membership is by invitation and is open to senior executives across the health care industry. Corporate sponsorships opportunities are available.

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